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Work is something virtually all of us do and, in fact, it is a huge part of most people’s daily lives. Many people have paid jobs that directly pay for their living expenses. And most people do additional, important work that supports daily life – cleaning and other household maintenance, chopping wood and carrying water, cooking, childcare, eldercare, and so on. The latter sort is often undervalued or, in the case of the formal, government defined economy (gross domestic product), not given a monetary value at all.

Increasing numbers of people are searching for work that is meaningful and satisfying, that enriches the social fabric, and preserves or remediates the environment. We are also questioning our culture’s basic assumptions about jobs, careers, and leisure, and trying to understand how those assumptions relate to our lives and the future of the wage economy.

In that context, this section of the website offers a variety of articles covering all kinds of formal and informal work, including careers, work spaces, self-employment, unjobbing, home business, co-ops, the local economy, and more.

Here are some articles on this topic. Check back soon since this site is always changing, and new articles are being added weekly.

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