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Most people would agree that travel is good for us, that it provides a great education, a unique perspective on the world and our local communities, important relaxation, and a mind-opening experience for people of all ages. However, it can also be expensive and, especially if done by car or airplane, can be hard on the environment. This section includes articles that examine how we travel around the world and our communities, for business and for enjoyment. Modes of travel in these articles include planes, trains, cars, boats, bicycles, and foot. Some of the articles provide information about eco-tourism specifically, but they all will provide inspiration for thinking about your impact on the environment whether you are traveling or just getting around town…by yourself or with children.

Whether you are planning an international vacation or a weekend hike, whether you enjoy cruises or just want an alternative to using your car to commute to work, you will find unique perspectives (and a few suggested destinations) in the articles in this category. Check back again soon for new articles, because this site is always a work in progress.


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