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Nurturing the ability to learn with which we were born is, for us, a fundamental aspect of living a good life. At the same time, learning is on-going whether we intend it to be or not! We learn from each other, from our surroundings, from our experiences, and from the people with whom we interact. However, too often we forget that and think of learning as something that only happens in school and formal workshops.

Articles in the Learn category on this website are about education for all ages. They cover home-based education (unschooling, homeschooling, life learning) for children and young people; democratic and other alternative schools; post-secondary education; informal learning for adults and children; self-help; job and career training; and apprenticeships and internships.

Here are some article links on the Learn topic. Check back soon because this site is always a work in progress and new articles are being added weekly.

For more detailed articles about unschooling / life learning, visit Life Learning Magazine.

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