When we celebrate, we acknowledge a significant or happy day or event with a social gathering or enjoyable activity or activities. Celebration is an important and joyful part of life and the articles in this Celebrate category cover a wide variety of occasions, including religious and secular holidays, festivals, and the more personal events that are part of our and our families’ lives.

Unfortunately, some of these occasions have become hackneyed and are even, for some people, to be dreaded. But we believe that they provide us with opportunities for positive socialization and can create much-need cooperation and conviviality within our families, groups of friends, and communities. When we celebrate with others, we are creating a sense of belonging and family- or community-based entertainment, as well as opportunities to share our traditions and stories with those from other communities and with our own families. Food, gifts, and music are important aspects of many celebrations.

We hope these articles will provide you with inspiration and information about ways to celebrate that are fresh, fun, and life-affirming. Check back soon because this site is always a work in progress, with new articles being added weekly.


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