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We think that the word “believe” is an important aspect of living a good life. In this context, we aren’t necessarily referring to a religious or spiritual belief, although that’s one aspect of it. In its broadest meaning – and how we use it on this website – the term believe involves giving credence to and having confidence in the existence or the reliability of something important to our lives…a philosophy of life, you might say. If we believe in something, we can act purposefully about it. And that includes many issues that affect our lives, from various lifestyle choices such as diet, how we look after our bodies and minds, and how we deal with stress and other mental health issues, to what we think about our impact on Mother Nature and the planet on which we live, and our ethics and morality in general (which, again, may or may not be tied to a religious belief).

Articles in the Believe category on this website cover spirituality and religion, philosophy, inspiration, and even our personal politics. They are sensitive to Nature and to culture (and the intersection of those), and might challenge you to look a bit differently at how humans interact with the world and our beliefs about how it functions.

Here are some articles on this topic that appear under this Believe category. Check back soon since this site is always a work in progress.



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