John Holt in Life Learning Magazine

John Holt in Life Learning MagazineJohn Holt died in September of 1985. But the ideas and words of the man who was the creator of the term “unschooling” and a steadfast supporter of trusting and respecting children live on. In Life Learning Magazine, on the 30th anniversary of his death, we looked back at some of that inspiration.

Here’s an article I wrote about my experience with John Holt.

And here’s an interview I did with Pat Farenga about his work with John Holt. The quote above is from that interview. Here is another:

“He created [the word unschooling] in order to avoid giving the impression that families were really creating miniature schools in their homes, as the word homeschooling connotes. I see it not as a method, but an attitude towards learning and children, a way of life.”

I am honored to have known and worked with John when I was first embarking on my own advocacy work. And I’m pleased to be able to help keep his words alive for this and future generations of unschoolers.