Wendy PriesnitzThanks for your interest in learning more about the Rethinking How We Live and Learn Blog.

The blog is written by Wendy Priesnitz. Wendy is the owner of Life Media, which she founded with her husband/business partner Rolf Priesnitz in 1976.

Her work involves editing a variety of magazines¬† – including Natural Life Magazine, Life Learning Magazine, Natural Child Magazine, and Child’s Play Magazineand websites, as well as writing articles, reports, and books.

This blog includes Wendy’s opinions and musings about life, including unschooling, life learning, and homeschooling; green living; social change; natural parenting; indie publishing; and whatever else strikes her interest.

Wendy currently lives on Canada’s east coast and is the mother of two adult daughters who grew up as if school didn’t exist. You can learn more about her on her website.