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Child’s Play Magazine Encourages Free-Range Play

Child's Play Magazine Promotes Free-Range PlayMy new publication, Child’s Play Magazine, is live. Please visit its website, where you can learn more about our editorial mandate of free-range play, discover the topics we’re working on for future issues, and more.

Child’s Play Magazine is designed to help parents, caregivers, teachers, and other people who work with children understand why it is so important for children to experience free-range activities and unstructured play, and to help them provide such opportunities for children. I hope that it will also help adults get in touch with their own playfulness!

It was first published in newsletter format, beginning in 1983, and later was a website for many years. It has recently relaunched as a reader-supported digital magazine.

Unstructured play is crucial to children’s learning, as well as their social, emotional, physical, and creative development. However, in our rush to educate children and our fears about their safety, we are increasingly limiting opportunities for that type of play.

Fortunately, that is counteracted by the growing free-range childhood movement, which values unstructured play and children’s autonomy (something I also write about in one of other online publications, Life Learning Magazine. I sense some excitement in the air about following children’s lead into the woods, up the trees, and right through the mud into the realm of commonsense and freedom – the freedom of time and space to just play.

I invite your comments about the magazine, and your contributions for future articles in Child’s Play Magazine. Let’s work together to document the benefits of unstructured play for our children, to provide opportunities for that play, and to convince the rest of our risk-averse society of the importance of children’s free-range play.

Please share the Child’s Play Magazine website with anyone and everyone you know who might be interested in free-range play, and/or is in a position to help us spread the word.