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Life.ca is your guide to exploring how we live, in all its complexities, wonders, variety, and interconnections. We believe that each of us can change the world for the better if we walk more lightly on the earth and become confident in making well thought-out decisions for ourselves and our families. Therefore, the material we publish focuses on reinventing how we live…in our families, in our communities, and on our planet. We specialize in providing alternative ideas for all aspects of living, organized under the topic categories at the top of each page: Learn, Play, Dwell, Nurture, Eat, Work, Travel, Believe, Celebrate, and Grow. Click on those words for an explanation of what is included in each category, and for an index of articles about that topic.

The site is owned by Life Media, an independently-owned multimedia publishing company, launched in 1976 and still owned and operated by the founding family. Among other activities, we publish Life Learning Magazine, Natural Life Magazine, Natural Child Magazine, and Child’s Play Magazine. We have two new books underway by editor Wendy Priesnitz, and a couple of new website projects also under development.

Please visit often, because the site is always a work in progress and new content is being added regularly. We also have many more features and sources of information planned for you on a variety of topics about living the good life.

A Word About Copyright

All of the information on this site is copyright © 1976 – 2018 by Life Media, bylined authors, and stock photo services and their photographers.

The information is constantly changing and being updated. For this reason, we ask that you create a link to our site, rather than copying any of our pages. That way, you’ll always have the most up-to-date information available and will not be acting illegally.

If you want to reprint, copy, or otherwise reproduce any articles on this site on your own website or in a magazine or newsletter, please contact us at editor@lifemedia.ca with the name of the article you wish to use, along with the author’s name and the issue in which it was published. We then will be able to let you know whether or not we can grant you reprint permission and contact the writer on your behalf (or supply you with their latest contact information). We love to share our work, but reserve the right to charge a small fee for reproduction of articles in a commercial context.

Photos and graphics on this website are licensed to us by the creators, including photographers using stock photo services, including Shutterstock Images LLC. We cannot provide you with permission to re-use them.


Here are guidelines for those considering contributing an article to this website. Please read them carefully prior to contacting us.

  • We are interested in original articles on any of the topics linked in the navigation bar near the top of each page on the site.
  • We are looking for articles written by people who are involved with and have first-hand knowledge of their topics. Knowing your topic is more important than being a great writer; we can help you with the “how” if you know the “what.”
  • Our style is friendly but not folksy, polished but not academic. Articles should be geared to a general interest audience that might not be overly knowledgeable about the topic.
  • We have readers around the world, so articles should be written accordingly.
  • We do not publish articles designed to promote products or businesses (or with embedded links to commercial websites).
  • If your article provides in-depth information specific to a topic that we cover in depth in one of our magazines, please query them instead. (Links to those magazines are further up on this page.)

How to Query Us

If you have read these guidelines, and when you have a specific article idea that you think would be suitable for us, please query by email with a short, descriptive outline of the proposed article. We would like to know how the article will benefit our readers, why the topic is timely, how it differs from other articles on the topic that we have published, and why you’re the appropriate writer to discuss the topic. Please identify your type of sources: if you’ll be writing from personal experience, interviewing primary sources, or researching the topic in books and on the Internet.

We appreciate knowing if your article has been published elsewhere in the past, or if you have submitted it to other outlets recently. We also need to know if you have any business affiliation with any person, organization, or company mentioned in the article.

Submitting Your Article

Please do not link to commercial sources of information to replace material that should be covered in your article.

If you wish to submit a photograph to accompany your article, it should be horizontal and at least 800 pixels wide in JPG format. Please include photo credit information. If the photograph has been taken by someone other than the writer, we require a release signed by the photographer. If you are submitting a photo that includes recognizable individuals other than you, you should have a release form on file signed by those recognizable individuals or a parent/legal guardian. We reserve the right not to include your photo and replace it with one from our collection or that we source from our stock photo agency of choice.

Please spell check (US spelling) and grammar check, and remove fancy formatting from your article prior to sending it to us. (And it’s also a good idea to spell and grammar check your query because we use that as a guide to your ability to prepare a coherent article.) If necessary, your article will be edited for spelling, punctuation, grammar, clarity, space, and consistency with our editorial style. If major renovations are required, your article will be returned to you with suggestions for reworking.

We use gender-neutral language and appreciate our writers structuring their work to avoid referring to all people as “he” (accepted articles will be edited to reflect this policy). We reserve the right to edit or change your suggested title.

We look forward to sharing your work with our readers.  Contact the Editor with your article query.


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